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Chunking down step 2

First use value 360 for round angle, value 5 for n° of coils.

Second construct a domain for the spiral line from 0 to 10Π

Third build a region from 0 to 10Π,seperate it to 20 segements.

Forth the formula for the spiral is x = a cos(t), y = a sin(t), z = b t; give the range region value to x = a cos(t), y = a sin(t), z = b t.

Fifth use rich graph mapper to find the extreme value of each cycle of sine summation. Multiply it with spiral radius and x,y,z .

Sixth build construct points of spiral and connect them in a interpolate curve.

I still have a question, why did we set up five coils at the beginning and finally get five and a half coils? Is it because we get one more than the set number in step logic?


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